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  Say Goodbye to Treadmill Injuries with Connect Me Tight™

Treadmill waist safety Belt

The treadmill is one of the most beneficial ways to lose weight & burn calories.  With Connect Me Tight™ Treadmill Personal Safety Waist Belt, the one-of-its-kind treadmill accessory, your treadmill workout is SAFE & EFFECTIVE!

Dave Goldberg's danger of treadmills

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 We recommend installing the treadmill accessory - treadmill belt to safe guard the user

  from treadmill accidents as follows:

 †  Wrap one end of the belt to the treadmill handrail and firmly press the hook

    against the the belt loop fabric .
 †  Wrap the belt across the opposite waist and criss-cross it OVER the other

     side of the belt.

 †  Wrap the loose end of the belt to the other free handrail.
 †  Adjust the belt until it's wrapped comfortably around your waist.
 †  Firmly press the second side of the bottom of the hook and loop to the fabric.

Connect Me Tight™ treadmill safety waist belt, the only treadmill accessory of its kind, will help increase calorie loss, improve cardiovascular fitness, and prevent treadmill accidents

Carry weights to tone your upper body, burn more calories, and really kick your workout into high-gear without the fear!

taylor swift falls off the treadmill

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So do It Right, With Connect Me Tight™!

To get it right with Connect Me Tight™

follow these simple steps to install this treadmill accessory     




• Do you hold on to the treadmill handrail for stability to prevent treadmill accidents while walking or running on the treadmill?
• Do you hold on to the treadmill handrail while on a steep incline?

• Do you want to burn more calories while using a treadmill for workout?

• Have you ever lost balance and/or flown off the rear of the treadmill? 
• Have you ever ended a workout prematurely because of fatigue or exhaustion?

If you answered YES to any of these questions,  your solution is Connect Me Tight™!  

                                 Introducing Connect Me Tight™ Treadmill Personal Safety Waist Belt

Connect Me Tight™

Treadmill Accessory - Treadmill Belt

Maintain Stability & Burn More Calories!

Connect Me Tight™ is an innovatively designed treadmill personal safety waist belt to protect the treadmill users from flying off injuries caused by slipping, tripping, or loss of control. This patent pending treadmill fitness accessory also allows the users to utilize the the full capabilities of the treadmill by swinging their arms, carry weights, and working out on a steep incline without having to hold on to the treadmill handrails during exercise or physical rehab. It is compatible with most of the treadmills brands found on the market.

Regardless of your body SIZE or WEIGHT
Connect Me Tight™ Keeps you STRAIGHT!

Treadmill Belt Design Specification

This revolutionary treadmill personal waist belt Connect Me Tight™ is a treadmill accessory to prevent treadmill flying off injuries made of strong and durable stretchable material with double sided hook & loop fasteners and comes in 3 adjustable sizes. Washable.

Connect Me Tight™ Treadmill Personal Waist belt length variations

† Small - 4 inch x 80 inch long  (fits user's waist up to 32 inch)
† Medium - 4 inch x 88 inch long  (fits user's waist up to 42 inch)

† Large - 4 inch x 98 inch long  (fits user's waist up to 52 inch)

† Weighs 9-12 OZ.


IMPORTANT: Slim-waisted users should not order large belts as this may cause improper belt attachment to the treadmill resulting in a hazardous distance between the user and end of treadmill running belt.


taylor swift falls off the treadmill