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Connect Me Tight™, a recently launched personal safety waist belt for the treadmill users, is making a quick headway in the fitness fraternity. This one-of-its-kind fitness accessory prevents ‘flying off’ treadmill injuries while allowing the users to swing their arms and carry weights and is compatible with most of the treadmills brands found on the market.

Staying safe from treadmill accidents has finally become a reality with Connect Me Tight™ Treadmill Personal Safety Waist Belt. This uniquely designed, innovative treadmill accessory securely holds the users in position on the treadmill in case of unforeseen events such as slipping, tripping, or loss of control while working out.

Over the years, treadmill has been the most preferred alternative for fitness fanatics around the world. However, according to US Consumer Product Safety Commission, treadmills were responsible for as many as twenty four thousand accidents in 2014, and this popular equipment accounts for an average of three fatalities every year. It has also been observed that the users tend to fall prey to treadmill related accidents regardless of their age and level of expertise. Therefore, even the young and the most experienced treadmill users are not completely safe from these mishaps.

The sad demise of  Silicon Valley entrepreneur and SurveyMonkey CEO, the 47-year-old millionaire Dave Goldberg shook entire America in 2015. While vacationing in Mexico with his wife Sheryl Sandberg (the COO of Facebook), Goldberg fell and hit his head on a treadmill. Fear over the potential danger of using treadmills was brought to light by this tragic incident.

An avid fitness enthusiast and a treadmill user for more than three decades,  The founder had noticed that most of the treadmill accidents take place because of people’s reluctance to use the treadmill auto-stop emergency key/clip. The founder mentions this observation inspired her to come up with the idea of Connect Me Tight™ treadmill personal safety waist belt. Laura claims that her game changing invention stabilizes, fastens, and holds the users in place on the treadmill in case they trip, slip, or lose control. Most importantly, this lightweight and portable treadmill belt allows users to utilize the full capabilities of the treadmill as there is no need for them to hold on to the handrails for safety.  It has been established by research that holding on the handrails reduces workload, thereby reducing heart rate, calorie burn, oxygen consumption, and overall weight loss.

Within its very short lifespan, Connect Me Tight™ Treadmill Personal Safety Waist Belt has already received rave reviews from the initial users. A highly impressed user mentions in his review, “I have a foot drop and wanted this so I don't trip when walking or jogging on my treadmill. I love it! I can walk/jog without the fear of falling!”

With the winter season just around the corner, Connect Me Tight™ can be the perfect fitness companion for people that are not prepared to brave the cold weather for walking and running outdoors. This patent pending treadmill safety waist belt is also an excellent gift idea for anyone looking to get back to shape in the new year.   

Connect Me Tight™ is durable, adjustable, stretchable, double-sided easy to use, comfortable, and available in three different sizes to fit most users. To find out more about Connect Me Tight™, please visit

About Connect Me Tight™ : Connect Me Tight™ is an innovatively designed treadmill personal safety waist belt to protect the treadmill users from flying off injuries caused by slipping, tripping, or loss of control. This patent pending fitness accessory also allows the users to utilize the the full capabilities of the treadmill by swinging their arms, carry weights, and working out on a steep incline without having to hold on-to the treadmill handrails during exercise or physical rehab.

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