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Connect Me Tight™

Treadmill Accessory - Treadmill Belt

Maintain Stability & Burn More Calories!

  From a beginner in walking;
  Awesome! I thought this belt was going to make me feel like I had a leash on but instead it gives me the room and flexibility I want while helping   

  me keep centered on the machine! I have used it with the stairmaster and elliptical as well. I wish it came in different colors!

A belt user sent this video and her feedback.

Very comfortable belt, wrapping around my back. I had originally purchased a larger size than needed and ended up a bit further from the front of the machine but gave it to one of my friends who has a bigger waste size and purchased a smaller one. I like to use dumb bells when i walk but couldn't sometimes because I needed to hold the rails but now I can. After a few weeks of using, I noticed my arms leaner!

Customer Reviews - FEEDBACK

Connect Me Tight™ - The only treadmill personal safety waist belt

  From Anno B.

  Run Run

  I am an experienced runner and this belt has helped me train for multiple half and full marathons. With it I am able to train for longer periods of time

  at my desired pace. For anyone really trying to improve their running ability I would suggest they use this to help them keep good posture while

  training  for long periods of time.